You will have to move to get the smaller 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 10, says latest leak


15, 2019

With the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event being held on the 7th August, the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note range is fast approaching.  Unfortunately for some, the device range will include country-based restrictions.

Whilst the Note 10, Note 10+ and the Note 10+ 5G will be available worldwide; Max Weinbach, XDA TV host and Writer for XDA, has confirmed that the Note 10 5G will only be available in Korea.

The Galaxy Note10 5G will include a 1TB variant, in addition to their 256GB and 512GB variants.  Whilst details haven’t been fully confirmed, The Galaxy Note10 series is expected to replace physical buttons with gestures, and exclude 3.5mm headphone jack completely.

Theinvestor reports that “the Galaxy Note 10 will be more expensive than its predecessor, while negotiations for its shipping prices are currently under way with Samsung,” but “consumers may be able to buy phones at much cheaper prices than the price tags if telecom operators continue to provide big subsidies for 5G phones.”

Some Samsung fans are now displeased that they have to buy the more expensive Note10+ to receive the 5G benefits.  What do our readers think?  Let us know below.

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