You can now shop red carpet looks from Bing search results

The 89th Academy Awards event is happening this weekend. As you already know, Microsoft Bing not only provides all the information on award nominees, it also offers predictions.  Search for “Academy Awards” on Bing and check nominee carousel to see who’s in the running for each category, and who will win the award based on predictions. For example, Bing predicts “La La Land” will take home the award for Best Picture. Even I predict the same, what about you?

Microsoft is also introducing a new red carpet shopping experience this year. Users can now revisit last year’s fashions, after the red carpet event this Sunday, Bing will show you the red carpet styles of 2017. Not only they can browse the red carpet styles, they will be also able to buy similar red carpet looks. Microsoft is using Bing image-recognition technology that scans photos of a celebrity’s clothes, searches for the best matches, and then help users discover the shopping sites where they can find similar outfits.