You Can Now Experience The 2014 NFL Draft With An All-new Draft Channel Through NFL App On Xbox One

NFL Draft Xbox One

If you are a NFL fan, you will be eagerly waiting for 2014 NFL Draft hoping that maybe this season is your team’s year. If addition to the existing feature-packed NFL experience Xbox One offers to football fans, starting today, Xbox Gold members will be able to experience the 2014 NFL Draft with an all-new draft channel and all-new draft-related content.

On Thursday, May 8 through Saturday, May 10, all Xbox Live Gold Members can get up close with the NFL Draft, by streaming the event live through the NFL app on Xbox One.

The Draft Tracker can be snapped on your TV screen while you are watching something else with your family.

The app works like you’d expect: The teams are listed in their draft order, with details on what kinds of players they still need. When they make a pick, the app updates instantly and shows who got drafted, allows you to access highlights from that player and what team is on the clock.

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