You can now embed Pinterest pins in OneNote and Word


24, 2021

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that users can now embed active Pinterest pins in OneNote and Word Online.

Microsoft believes that this will be particularly useful for students and educators to discover and save materials, lessons plans, ideas and digital materials for their classroom. Microsoft also believes Pinterest Pins match the OneNote binder metaphor very well.

As of today, you can now paste the URL of any Pin onto a OneNote page or a Word for web document and it will render it as a live interactive embed, similar to how you can embed many apps into OneNote and Word for web.


To see some examples or how easy this is to do in OneNote, see the example video of a few Pins being embedded in OneNote.  You can now create pages, sections, and even entire notebooks chock-full of Pins.  This integration works in OneNote Windows 10, Online, Mac, iPad, Android, and 2016.

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Word for web:

Here is an example of pasting a Pin into a Word for web document. This embed is currently only supported in Word of web.

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Microsoft appears to have something of a love affair with Pinterest. Microsoft already supports syncing Edge Collections with Pinterest and it was recently revealed that Microsoft attempted to purchase the company.

Pinterest is a public company with a valuation of about $50 billion who added over 100 million additional monthly active users in 2020, more than any other year in its history, and now it reaches more than 450 million monthly active users around the world.

via Neowin

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