You can now carry on your laptop as United States Middle-Eastern Laptop Ban ends

The TSA has eased their laptop ban from flights originating in the Middle East, lifting restrictions on flights from Saudi Arabian Airlines, the last of the many affected Middle-Eastern airlines.

The restrictions, which date from March 2017 and barred users from bringing on tablets and laptops onto flights heading to USA, was thought to have been in response to a bomb plot, and the lifting of the restrictions are due to upgrades to the security of airports in the region.

In a statement the TSA noted:

“TSA issued the attached tweets (below) earlier this afternoon to notify the public and media of the lifting of the laptop ban. The ban was lifted because the airline met additional security requirements necessary. Please note that the ban was lifted from Jeddah, not from Riyadh.”

The ban made it difficult for PC users to be productive on long flights, leading to creative solutions such as airlines handing our Surface laptops to business travellers or a Microsoft HoloLens owner using their HoloLens during a flight to create a virtual PC .