You can now buy movie tickets with the Google Assistant on Chrome



Following restaurant table reservations, you can now book movie tickets through Google Assistant on Chrome.

On Android phones, when you are using Chrome browser to browse the web, Google Assistant can now help you purchase movie tickets on the web. For example, you can tell “Hey Google, showtimes for Ford vs Ferrari in Phoenix this weekend.” Or you can do a regular text search for movie times from the Google app on Android.

Once you have decided on the theater and time, you can tap the “Buy tickets” button to buy the ticket from more than 70 cinemas and ticketing services, such as Fandango,, AMC, or MJR Theaters in the U.S., or ODEON in the UK. Since Google Assistant uses Duplex on the web technology, it can automatically enter your personal information and payment details which are already saved in Chrome.

Google mentioned that they will extend Google Assistant to support car rental booking in the coming months.

Source: Google

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