You can not see “What’s new” section while updating Windows Store apps because it’s designed that way, says Microsoft

Have you ever wondered why Microsoft no longer shows the “What’s new” section for installed Windows store apps?

According to Microsoft, you cannot see the “What’s section,” which gives information about the added features, because it’s designed that way. In other words, the “What’s new” section is hidden when a customer has the app installed on their Windows 10 PC.  On the other hand, there comes a release note with every app update on every other major platform.

However, Microsoft didn’t explain as to why it became necessary to hide the release note for the installed app only. Twitter users, on the other hand, made no delay in throwing a guess as to why Microsoft chose to keep it that way for years.

Is this Microsoft being less concerned over Windows Store apps or is there anything else that forced Microsoft to take the unpopular decision? What do you think could be the reason? Let us know in the comments section below.

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