Another week means that there’s another offering of free games from the Epic Games Store. Replacing last week’s selection of INSIDE and Celeste are ABZÛ and The End Is Nigh.

All you need to pick up the free games are an Epic Games account and the Epic Games Store launcher, both of which are also free.

ABZÛ is a sort of spiritual successor to the intensely popular and moving Journey. The game follows a nameless diver, who explores the ocean, restoring life and recovering the story of a long lost civilisation piece by piece.

ABZÛ draws heavily on Sumerian mythology and the cosmic ocean myth, making for an emotional story about life, death, and everything in between.

You can check out the store page for ABZÛ here.

The End Is Nigh, on the other hand, is a platforming adventure where the player controls a small black blob known as Ash.

The game has over 600+ single-screen interconnected levels which form over 12 chapters of gameplay. Ash must flop his way through a future of endless pain and suffering as he tries his best to collect tumours and game cartridges and just… make a friend.

You can check out the store page for The End is Nigh here.

ABZÛ and The End Is Nigh will be free until September 12th, where they’ll be replaced by chilling Lovecraftian game Conarium.