Yanko Design turns their eye to Windows Phone 7



Yanko Design is a Russian design firm famous for their outrageous concepts.

On this occasion they have turned to Windows Phone 7, imagining the OS running on 3D hardware.

The designer explains his concept as such:

3D phones are the new thing in cellphones, but price point and compatibility issues make them less desirable at the moment.

Catering to this genre is the Cobble 3-D concept; it features a 4-inch 3D 16:9 HD screen giving the device more depth sans the awkward 3D glasses. The adaptive camera tracker follows your finger and anticipates your move on the screen, making the touchscreen experience smooth as silk.

The Cobble takes stunning pictures thanks to the motion scroll, which adjusts the zoom and takes realistic snaps. Love the multiple color-back options and finished proposed.

The design is certainly unique, but I do not feel fit the minimalist and rather severe paradigm of Windows Phone 7.

See more pictures at Yanko Design here.

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Thanks Lam for the tip.