Yankee Group find AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 customer satisfaction very low



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nl900We are pretty used to Windows Phones scoring high in customer satisfaction surveys.

In a small survey of 111 Nokia Lumia 900 users by Yankee Group in May however they found a very different result.

On a 1-5 rating scale, 41% of survey participants scored the handset as a “1”, with an average score of only 2.5 out of 5.

The handset also scored a Net Promoter Score of –50, suggesting the majority of owners would actually recommend family and friend NOT buy the same handset.

Like T-Mobile they found the majority of buyers (61%) were new to smartphones, drawn by the low price, with 37% saying this was their main motivator, rather than the look or user interface of the handset.

Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe also faults AT&T for pricing the device too low. “Our survey shows that owners bought the phone because it was cheap—not because of its features, Nokia’s brand or Windows Phone OS—and that cheap message undid AT&T’s unique selling proposition for the phone,” he wrote.

The handset has a score of 4.7/5 on AT&T’s website with 95% of buyers saying they would recommend it.  This compares with 4.4/5 for the HTC One X with 90% recommendations, and 3.8/5 with a 76% recommendation for the Samsung Galaxy S III, making Yankee Group’s result pretty confusing.

Do our readers think Yankee Group’s survey reflects reality? Let us know below.

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