Yammer mobile experience gets a new look and several new features

Microsoft is creating a full-featured Yammer mobile app with new user experience. Today, Microsoft revealed the new look and the features coming to Yammer mobile apps. First of all, Yammer’s icon has got a Fluent design makeover. Microsoft has also reduced visual clutter and improved information hierarchy & structure inside the app. Yammer mobile apps now come with new font, colors, and iconography. Here are the other changes which Microsoft announced today:

  • We’re excited to share a new landing experience that takes you right to your feed so you can get caught up on what’s happening across your network, just as it works on Yammer’s web client.
  • To enable leaders to communicate broadly to their company or bring members of a community together around an event, we now support participation in a live event across iOS and Android.
  • We have started rolling out community and knowledge features starting with question and answer capability on iOS and Android. Users can now ask questions and solicit answers either in a Yammer group or during a Live Event. The author or admin can then select the best answer from the list of answers.
  • We have prioritized making your data more secure by encrypting push notifications all the way from our servers to your phone for both Yammer iOS and Android apps.
  • Search is critical and saves you time. We’ve extended search capabilities in groups. You can now search for conversations, files, and members directly within the context of a group to find information quickly.
  • You can now see how many users have read a post on mobile, too. Seen counts are available on iOS today and we have started rolling this out for Android.
  • You can now view your pinned links and group files through the group page on iOS and Android.

Source: Yammer