Yammer announces integration with Office 365 Groups

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Microsoft today announced the much needed integration of Yammer with Office 365 Groups. With this integration, Yammer users can easily turn ideas into action with access to SharePoint sites and document repositories, a shared OneNote notebook, and lightweight task management with Planner. There are lots of features to know about, I’ll list down everything here and we can take a closer look at it over the course of the week.

  • You can now take advantage of the powerful content creation and management capabilities of Office Online and SharePoint from within Yammer. Individuals and teams can create and co-author Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on the web. You can also quickly share files in Yammer by uploading documents from a personal OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint site using the new Yammer file picker. No matter how you choose to share a file, all links and attachments render in rich preview.
  • Additionally, teams working within Yammer can now take advantage of a SharePoint document library, making it easy to manage files, apply workflow, review version history and comply with document retention policies. Each team also gets a SharePoint site, which gives members the ability to create structured content like wikis and blogs.
  • Yammer also gives your team access to a shared notebook in OneNote to help ideas take shape. OneNote gives team members a great way to jot down notes, keep meeting minutes and brainstorm the next big thing.
  • To help you stay on top of key deliverables, Yammer now provides your team with quick access to Planner’s simple-to-use task management capabilities. Planner lets teams create new plans, assign tasks and track progress throughout the life of a project.
  • Because Office 365 Groups are part of your company’s global address list (GAL), it’s a cinch to share content to Yammer by email. Whenever you receive an email that would benefit from open discussion and sharing, you can forward it to Yammer by typing the name of your group in the recipient list—auto-complete fills in the email address.
  • Yammer is now connected to the Office 365 Groups service, so all group properties, including name, description, profile picture, membership and public/private setting, are available in both Yammer and Azure AD, where Office 365 groups are stored. For example, whenever users or admins add and remove group members in Yammer, these changes are reflected across Office 365, and permissions are updated accordingly. Admins can also centrally manage groups in the Office 365 admin center and apply PowerShell scripts to them to simplify bulk updates.

These new experiences and more will be rolling out in phases over the coming months.