Yalla Apps now support paid apps, payment via Moneybookers

For developers outside the limited number of countries approved for submission to Marketplace options of developing for Windows Phone 7 have been limited.  A fewmonths ago Microsoft however allowed developers to register with proxy companies which would handle the registration and administration of developers and publication of their apps in Marketplace, even if they are in countries like Egypt and Pakistan which are not Marketplace approved.

Yalla Apps is one such service, serving the MEA region, and already has more than 200 apps in Marketplace.

The company has just announced improvements to their service, and now supports the submission of paid apps, and also for developers to be paid via MoneyBookers, a major convenience when money transfer internationally can be very complicated.

Yalla Apps also announced a new charge structure would allow the user to enjoy unlimited Paid App submissions, as many as 100 free app submissions and a free device unlock, for 100 credits, which are awarded to every annual subscription, priced at $99.

“Our aim is to enable people to have easy access and availability to technology, to give them the means to use their skills. The new enhancements made on the Yalla Apps platform are the perfect way of making the platform even more accessible to developers in the Middle East and Africa region, with further ways for users to make revenue from their creations and get their apps out on the market using Windows Phone 7 Marketplace,” said Gustavo Fuchs, Microsoft Mobility director, Middle East & Africa.

Read more about the service at Yalla Apps here.

Via ITP.net