Yahoo’s Search Market Share Down To Less Than 10% As Microsoft’s Bing Continues To Grow

We recently reported that Microsoft might beat Yahoo in global digital ad market share. Microsoft is projected to increase its market share from 2.45% to 2.54%, while Yahoo is projected to lost market share. In terms of revenue, Microsoft will increase by more than 20% over 2013 to reach $3.56 billion. Google remains the dominant player with Facebook growing fast in the second place.

The other part of the story is about the search market share. Since the Bing/Yahoo deal was announced, Bing has continued to grow its market share at the expense of its partner Yahoo. As per comScore U.S. search market share data for June, Yahoo’s market share has fallen below 10%, a new all-time-low for the company.

  • Google: 67.6 percent
  • Bing: 19.2 percent
  • Yahoo: 9.8 percent
  • Others: 3.4 percent

Overall, the desktop search market is shrinking and the mobile search market is growing at a rapid pace. Currently, Microsoft’s Bing mobile search experience is poor when compared to Google. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix that soon.

via: Searchengineland