Xplore Announces The Most Rugged Windows Tablet Starting At $5,299

Xplore XC6 DMSR

Xplore Technologies yesterday announced the industry’s most rugged Windows tablet on the market, the XC6 DMSR. It is powered by a 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, the high-performance rugged tablet features a direct sunlight readable display, as well as an resisitive multi-touch interface to make running your toughest applications easier than ever- no matter how extreme the environment. Read the full press release below.

AUSTIN, Texas – April 22, 2014 – Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: XPLR), manufacturer of rugged and ultra-rugged tablets, has announced the XC6 series, the most rugged and highest performing tablet in the industry. The tablet significantly upgrades Xplore’s iX104 ultra-rugged tablet series, with double the performance speeds, a 30 percent increase in sunlight-readability, an innovative rugged multi-touch display and a full Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 Pro operating system.

“The XC6 is the toughest and highest performance product Xplore has ever developed. It will perform very well in environments where device failure is not an option,” said Mark Holleran, president and chief operating officer for Xplore Technologies. “No matter if it’s the middle of the desert or in freezing rain, this tablet is going to excel in extreme conditions, resulting in a longer lifecycle and higher return on investment for our customers.”

Third-party tested to the highest rugged standards, the XC6 goes beyond typical industry MIL-STD-810G rugged testing requirements to boast a seven-foot drop rating. Certified water and dust proof, the XC6 is equipped with a fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4G LTE communications capabilities, offers up to 256 gigabytes of configurable solid state storage and lasts even longer in the field with a 30 percent increase in battery life.

“While we expand our product offerings, we will continue to maintain our leadership position as the manufacturer of the most rugged tablets by continuing to deliver the latest in ultra-rugged tablet technology,” said Philip S. Sassower, chairman and chief executive officer for Xplore. “Tapping into more than 15 years of experience, we continue to develop the most advanced mobile computing solutions for industries operating in the toughest environments.”

With a 1300 NIT display, the XC6 direct sunlight-readable screen offers users the clearest visibility, even in extreme lighting situations. Xplore has engineered a new and unique Analog Matrix Resistive multi-touch screen to facilitate tablet use while wearing gloves or in soaking wet conditions. The XC6 screen also features an In-Plane Switching display to enhance contrast, provide more uniform color reproduction, and enable a wider variety of viewing angles.

Xplore Technologies’ XC6 series can be configured for a variety of applications and industries, such as military operations, oil and gas (including hazardous, explosion-prone locations), utilities, transportation, construction, warehousing and distribution applications and any other industries that operate in harsh environments.

The XC6 Series

The latest generation of the iX104 ultra-rugged product line offers a variety of options:

  • XC6 DMSR: Standard with 4G LTE capabilities, the DMSR offers a dual-mode sunlight readable display for demanding outdoor environments, such as construction, oil and gas and transportation.
  • XC6 M2: Built for military and government applications, comes standard with a common access card reader for increased security, is 461F certified for operation on military frontlines and in fixed-wing aircraft, and is FIPS 140-2 compliant.
  • XC6 DM/DML: Ideal for less resource-intensive applications and ambient outdoor or indoor light conditions such as warehousing, distribution and manufacturing.

Designed for in-field upgrades, the XC6 delivers flexibility in a device that can be upgraded with minimal downtime and reduced cost. Starting at $5,299, the XC6 comes standard with a three-year international warranty and is currently available through Xplore channel partners worldwide. For more information on Xplore Technologies, please visit www.xploretech.com; you can read more about its XC6 tablet at http://xplt.ch/1dmyjpt.