Xperiancers shuts down, with it the X2 support promises?


30, 2010

xperiancersshutdownSony Ericsson is shutting down its Xperiancers  blog. Citing the increased importance of its Xperia brand as embodies in its X10 series, the company has now decided to move the content over to its product blog.

With the heavy emphasis on the Xperia X10 one wonders if the blog’s promises to support the Xperia X2 will also similarly vanish.  An update to the little known Windows Mobile 6.5.2 has been promised in February this year to arrive in March, leaving SE with only 1.5 days to make good on it, which seems rather unlikely.  In that context a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 upgrade in May, also promised by Sony Ericsson on the Xperiancers blog, seems even less so.

Hopefully the company will still make good on its promises, and not repeat its X1 mistake, which it itself acknowledged “attracted some criticism”.

Thanks Mitch for the tip.

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