Xperia X1a coming to Rogers Canda?

xperia_04The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is a much loved handsets by its owners, who appreciate the high resolution screen and metallic styling, but there is no denying the handset has only been a slow burn for Sony Ericsson, especially in North America.

Maybe this is set to change, with The BGR claiming to have inside information, suggesting the handset will see wide release on the Canadian Rogers network on the 9th June, apparently initially only in larger markets.

The device is expected to debut at an introductory promotional 3-year price of $249.99 (to settle at $299.99) and a MSRP between $649 and $749.

With the Touch Pro 2 coming soon, is it too late for the Xperia X1? Let us know in the comments.