Xperia X1 “absolutely no delay”


1, 2008

Author Surur // in News

Sony Ericsson spokeswoman Merran Wrigley has confirmed, as we have stated ourselves, that the launch of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has not in fact been delayed to January 2009

“There is absolutely no delay. The product is on track. We have said it will roll out in Q4 and we are on target to do that.” said Merran.

The evidence for a delay were flimsy at best, being simply an un-updated website that was rapidly corrected, and the musings of largely uninformed SE reps at the IFA conference. With the device already widely circulated and even with the ROM in the wild, there is no reason to believe the device will not be here in October, as is widely expected.

Read more from Reuters here.

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