Xperia Q&A have a Sony Ericsson Xperia in the house, and have done a Q&A of the most burning questions regarding the phone. We have excerpted a few, but visit TracyandMatt for the full selection, and also some tasty pictures of the device.

The Q&A

What is the actual RAM in the device?

The X1 has 384 MB RAM but you’ll note that the device information screen says 256MB. This is because the X1 also has an additional 128MB RAM that’s only accessible to the CPU/3D chip.

Does it have a motion sensor?


How is the sound output quality of the media player? Is it good enough to use high-end headphones with, and how does it compare with more music-oriented phones like the iPhone or Nokia 5800?

I’ve got some fairly expensive headphones that I’ve been using with the X1. The audio quality is really quite good, I’m certainly happy with it. I can’t really choose between the X1 and my Sony Walkman MP3 player in this respect.

Which is better, the X1 or the Touch Pro?

This is another difficult question to answer. I quite like both devices. I think which one would suit you best depends on how you use, or intend to use the phone. If you are a touchscreen lover that wants to use the touchscreen for almost everything (apart from emails with the QWERTY of course) without having to resort to the stylus then the TouchFlo3D interface coupled with the flush screen of the Touch Pro would be your better bet. If however you don’t want to use the touchscreen as much and prefer using physical buttons then the X1 with its additional softkeys might suit you better.