[Solved] XPERIA Panels on Touch HD


15, 2009

Author marios96 // in News, tip

We have been following the process of installing XPERIA Panels on Touch HD for over two months. The guys at xda-developers seemed to make good progress on the task (Read: Here, here and here), but it was Paul from Modaco who released the first cab installer for Touch HD users.

Quoting Paul:

What’s hot…
– It works
– No ‘Panels’ button the HD of course, so you get a Panels icon on the start menu
– Performance of the actual panels is great
– It works
– AppToDate support for future updates

What’s not so hot (yet)…
– It takes a few seconds for the panel select app to open
– The FM Radio and Media Xperience panels don’t work properly on the HD (is the FM Radio panel outputting via extUSB?)
– The TouchFlo 3D plugin has to be disabled or pressing the home key returns you to TF3D (working on fix)

Paul did a great job and I am sure all Touch HD users will want to try this. So, if you want to put some XPERIA X1 flavor on your Touch HD, click here for instructions and the cab files for installing panels.

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