Xperia Growing Panel pretty cool

Screen09[3] Screen06[3] Screen07[4]

The Xperia X1 panel development community is pretty small, but occasionally they produce something that’s quite stunning.

The Xperia Growing Panel is one such example.  The software, which is an animated display of a garden, is nice all by itself, featuring flowers growing, bees buzzing and butterflies flying about, but more interesting is the fact that all these creatures are tied into some feature or functionality of your phone.

As MSalmank on the Xperiancers blog explains:

As expected the clock at the top-left corner of the panel brings the time & date settings screen. It is the flowers and plants that actually represent different stuff. For instance the middle flower in the screen shot below represents e-mail. When a bud, you have no mail… but when blossomed, you have mail. Not only that, the flowers differ depending on time as well as when the panel is switched. The flower to the right (red bud in the screen shots) represents phone calls. I didn’t have a second phone near me otherwise would have given myself a missed call to see it in action. The flower on the left (yellow one) is SMS. The plant with the purple flowers (right side of the screen) is for phone profiles and the single stem with leaves on the left is for battery. Note in the screen shot below that when I attached the phone to my laptop and started charging the device, the bottom of the battery plant lit up… white sparks rise from the light and travel upwards fading half-way across the plant.

At the bottom of the screen are really small plants – sort of like grass – with white tips. These are hooked with Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is turned on and connected to, flowers grow there. The stronger the strength of the signal, the more flowers there will be. Additionally, when you have a meeting in the calendar a butterfly appears on the panel – reported to fly higher when meeting is closer. The mushroom on the screen represents Bluetooth – when activated the mushroom evolves and turns blue.

The phone profile plant wilts its flowers based on volume of the device and chosen profile (for me it only updates/changes the top two flowers). the Battery plant turns from brown to green starting from the top – the more the plant turns green, battery percentage is as less.

I am sure the software has even more features.  The animation changes between day and night and even features weather.

To get the Growing Panel for your Xperia download it from this post here.  You will need to get both the GrowingPanel and X1 FlashLite cabs.