Xing now available for Windows (Phone) as universal app

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While LinkedIn may be more known overall, Xing still is, especially in German speaking countries, an important and popular business social network. Until now the Germany based company did not have any official app in the Windows or Windows Phone store,  and in fact, for Windows Phone there was only one really usable app which even was kind of expensive. However, now Microsoft Germany announced in an email that both companies have worked together to bring Xing as an universal app to the Windows Platform.

Xing has been an app many (and I mean there really was a big amount of people) German users have been missing, and I know someone who even got himself an iPhone instead of a Windows Phone really only because of Xing. So basically Microsoft just hit two targets with this announcement: The first, of course, is that the app finally is there, and the second is that it is an universal app, which is showing the potential of universal Windows apps is eventually used.

Find the app here (Windows Phone) and here (Windows).