ZTE may be the first to market with a  smartphone with an in-display under-screen camera, by Xiaomi may deliver the best version.

Pictures released by China Star shows the camera is near invisible even with a light image on the overlying screen.

Xiaomi  president of the mobile phone Zeng Xuezhong, said the company is currently in the 3rd generation of their development of the technology and expect to ship the camera next year.

Xiaomi says their version using a special pixel arrangement with double the resolution to capture images via the sub-pixel gaps.

It also featured a special screen driver to further improve light transmission to the camera.

Xiaomi says the end result delivers the same brightness, colour accuracy, and colour gamut that buyers expect.

On the left is a conventional camera and on the right is Xiaomi’s 3rd generation under-display camera technology.

See their video demo below:

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via FixmyGuide