Xiaomi Mi Fold foldable smartphone has wrap-around screen on 3 faces


6, 2021

Xiaomi is famous for their wrap-around screens, such as the spectacular Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, and in their latest design patent, they take the concept to a new inwards-folding foldable which can be seen in a recently published design patent.

This patent includes their own renders, which shows a very thin in-ward-folding design with the screen wrapping around seamlessly from the inside of the device to the front screen.

The device has a prominent heel (like the Huawei Mate Xs), which appears to feature the cameras (with multiple lenses), power button, speaker, and USB-C connector.

The company is rumoured to be planning to release a foldable in Q4 2021, and has earlier also patented a more clamshell-style design.

The patent, which includes 21 images, can be seen here.

via LetsGoDigital

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