Xiaomi has a new twist on the bezel-less smartphone


25, 2020

Until we have a proper under-display front-facing camera, the race to make a full-screen smartphone which still offers a selfie camera will continue to deliver some creative solutions.

Today we have a unique solution from Xiaomi described in an April 24 patent, which brings a whole new twist.

The patent describes a split-screen phone with a swivelling camera which will bring the rear camera to the front, allowing for selfies while still allowing the rest of the screen to be used as a viewfinder.

The solution is of course rather complex compared to Samsung’s more simple solution of a punch-hole camera but then even Samsung delivered a mechanically complex device with the Samsung Galaxy A80 flipping camera.

The patent was applied for in mid-2019 by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software at the CNIPA. It can be seen at LetsGoDigital here.

Via LetsGoDigital

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