Last month, Xiaomi released the 200W fast-charging technology, which is capable of fully charge the battery of your smartphone in just eight minutes. Besides the ground-breaking fast-charging technology, the Chinese company has other pieces of futuristic charging technology in store for us.

The Chinese phone maker has recently applied for a patent on the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), discussing the details of a charging technology that will use sound to charge devices.

The patent technology uses a sound charging device, an energy storage device, and an electronic device to convert the sound vibration to mechanical vibration, which will be converted to alternating current (AC) and then to direct current (DC).

Xiaomi’s patented charging technology will eliminate the need for smartphone makers to use a power socket to charge the battery of the smartphone or other devices. And all this will only come true only if Xiaomi materializes this idea and bring this tech to the market. Currently, it’s in the patent stage, meaning the technology may or may not see the light of the day, so we shouldn’t be too excited about it.

On the bright side, however, Xiaomi recently showcased its Air Charge technology, which charges a device wirelessly. And this gives us some hope that Xiaomi will be able to bring the patented charging technology to the market in the coming years.

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via MSP