Xiaomi has announced that it is introducing a smartphone with a waterfall screen at all 4 sides of the smartphone.

The screen extends to 88 degrees at all 4 sides, Xiaomi says due to breakthroughs in curving glass and laminating screens.

The innovation, unfortunately, renders the device completely portless.

The company posted the following images of the handset.

The images suggest Xiaomi would use the side of the device for indicators and notifications, and it will also replicate buttons there.

The loudspeaker and the earpiece are replaced by ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics integrated with the flexible screen.

The device also incorporated a host of innovative technologies such as high capacity wireless charging, touch-sensitive and pressure-sensitive buttons, 3rd generation under-screen camera technology, and SIM cards are replaced by eSIM technology.

A brief video of the handset in action can be seen below:

While the physical handset reportedly exists, it is unknown if the concept will be coming to market.

via Agatha Tang  Xiaomi PR