XDAndroid gets Wifi working on Touch Pro2 Android CAB



Well, the days are coming closer that an Android ROM will be available for the Touch Pro2. Recent build of Android for the TouchPro 2 and Diamond2 seems to finally get the very wonderful WiFi working.  Wifi and other new features that improve the speed and battery life of the phone while running Android.

I have used this CAB twice since release and I most say. It is spectacular, fast, somewhat smooth, and come on, Wifi works.  There should be a new version coming out soon, and I am excited to see what will come next.

Download the CAB here

Whats Inside:
NEW Mar 01 WiFi WORKING! (Except WEP)
NEW Mar 01 New file system to match other handsets and avoid apps installing to system folder. “Android” folder, is now “andboot”
NEW Mar 01 New D-pad fix, all directions work correctly, thanks Phh!
2/27 **Removed 3/1 does not play nice with wifi** Overclocked Rhodium CPU
2/27 Phone off/restart!
2/24 Sleep enabled (Still working on FULL sleep. LED debug feature: Amber = On Green = Sleep)
2/24 New XDAndroid personalized Haret start menu icon. (see screenshot below)
2/22 New backlight control: Including on/off fading and brightness controll (disable auto backlight in WinMo first!)
2/22 Eclair System.sqsh to enable Rhodium Gsensor
2/22 Start menu Haret icon
2/15 New edited rootfs to support Rhod100 fr/uk/de (Thanks majster-pl)
2/11 02/07/10 Android.Eclair.2.0.1 XDAndroid Build
2/11 Hardware keyboard landscape/portrait recognition.
2/03 New Kernel: Allows Android to use almost twice as much available RAM!! Faster boot, faster Android, GOTTA TRY IT.
2/03 New Touchscreen Calibration tool during first Haret boot (its during the first Haret! You cant miss it!)
2/03 Rootfs for Tilt2 and Rhod210 Keyboard map! (Thank AdamWill for the remap and hours of sleepless testing!!)

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