XDA-Developers splits down the middle

xda-splitXDA-Developers, the biggest Windows Mobile Community, is splitting down the middle.

XDA-Developers has been there from the beginning, and has always been there to help Windows Mobile phone owners and nurture the development of new applications and ROM’s. They recently added Android to the menu of phone OS’s that they support, and since then XDA “Hacks & Development” has been getting more and more full of Android things.

XDA-Dev recently added more sub-sections that separate Windows Mobile and Android forums, cleaning up the Android pollution that has been plaguing the forum.

This should make the forum a lot more user-friendly, and save a lot of scrolling time.

Now if XDA-Dev has just gone one more further and spun of the Android forums entirely, I would not have been more happy.

Be that as it may however, see the result of the split so far here.