XDA Market to take on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

XDA market taking on Microsoft

It seems XDA- Developers are getting ready for a fight, and are girding up to Jailbreak Windows Phone 7.  In the above tweet from XDAMarket, XDA-Developers’ initiative for bring together the freeware apps that often originate there, they make clear their intention to support Windows Phone 7, which is locked up pretty much as much as iPhone, and only allows loading applications via Marketplace.

This would by necessity involve the OS being jailbroken, which is likely inevitable but will involve an ongoing battle between the jailbreakers looking for flaws and Microsoft patching them up again.

I cant help looking forward to the battle, but personally will just take the easy way out and register as a developer at Microsoft ($100) and side-load any application I want.

Which route will our readers take? The straight and narrow marketplace, the roguish jailbroken phone, or the more expensive paid version, which will prevent any battle with Microsoft and still provide a lot of freedom?  Let us know below.

Via WMExperts.com

Edit: We were just pinged by XDA-Developers admin to confirm that while XDAMarket is an initiative which arose from the XDA-Developer forums, it is not an official XDA-Developers.com product.