XDA-Developers safe – HTC “happy” about them

This tidbit is not exactly ground-breaking, but it is an answer to a question that has been asked many many times:

How is it that XDA-Developers still exists, despite the rampant hacking of the Windows Mobile operating system and OEM software (especially HTC’s) that occur there.

aqtrans put this question to HTC’s official representative on twitter:

@htc since you don’t backport OSes, how do you feel about the community filling that void? I’m running WM6.1 on my Wizard thanks to them.

@aqtrans while we can’t officially comment on backporting OSes, we will say that we are happy there is such a vibrant developer community!

There is no doubt im my mind that Windows Mobile would not be half as popular as it is now without the support provided by XDA-Developers, which to my mind ads a vibrancy to the platform lacking from more dull platforms like the Blackberry OS or Symbian. I am glad even HTC realizes the value of this very important community, which will hopefully continue going from strength to strength.