Xbox’s Bleeding Edge release date and beta leaked


14, 2019

Just a few minutes after the leaked release date for Halo Reach, Xbox’s Bleeding Edge release date has also been leaked. Whoopsie.

Announced during Xbox’s E3 2019 presentation, the upcoming online-multiplayer arena brawler is a stark contrast from developer Ninja Theory’s critically acclaimed Hellblade.

Just like with the Halo Reach leak, this new leak was also spotted by TrueAchievements. Through another slip-up on the Microsoft Store, we now know that the title is scheduled to release in March.

According to the game’s Microsoft Store page, Bleeding Edge will release officially on March 24th. However, there are two other release dates for upcoming betas for both Xbox Game Pass members and those who pre-order the game.

The title’s two closed betas will be within a fairly close proximity to each other. The first closed beta will begin on February 14th whereas the second beta will kick off on March 13th.

While the Bleeding Edge release date was leaked, that’s not all that the Microsoft Store let out. Pre-order bonuses are also available: anyone who pre-orders or plays the game before March 31st will get access to the Punk Pack.

The Punk Pack gives players access to a decent chunk of content. There’s three skins for playable characters Nidhoggr, Buttercup and Zero Cool, a sticker pack, three taunts and Rioter’s Hoverboar.

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