The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a remarkable piece of kit for gamers who have disabilities or limited mobility. As far as controllers go, Microsoft’s effort is one of the most accessible. With 19 ports to attach third-party accessories–like eye-tracking controllers or the like–it’s quickly become one of the best devices for those who need it.

While Microsoft has said that the controller is designed to work across a bevy of devices, console manufacturers Nintendo and Sony haven’t yet allowed the controller to work on their closed systems. That hasn’t stopped YouTube MyMateVince, though, who managed to get the controller working on the ever-popular Nintendo Switch.

Using a $20 Mayflash Magic NS wireless controller adapter and some attachable devices to the Xbox controller, the YouTuber was able to get the device working on the system rather easily.

The conversion between the two won’t make any button prompts change inside the games so you’ll have to remember the original configurations, but it’s a workaround that should be helpful for the vast amount of disabled gamers who need controllers like this. Have a look at the video below.

Support for the controller may not be around forever – there’s no telling what Nintendo will do – but for now, this will remain the best way for those who need these types of controllers to play on the Switch.