Microsoft has finally given the Xbox Support website a revamp, offering a sleeker and faster service for Xbox customers in need.

Whether players use the official Xbox Support website or the new Xbox Assist application, Microsoft is finally allowing for a smoother experience than the previously cumbersome web experience.

Microsoft has completely rebuilt the brand’s support website with an all-new look and feel. For those who need it, the company has made it easier to get help with your account, games, subscriptions and devices.

Here’s a list of Xbox’s improvements to the support service:

  • Smarter search – Search using your own words and we’ll match you with the best solution we have, plus suggestions from the community. The new search is focused on support exclusively and improves from use over time.
  • Personal notifications – Sign in with your Microsoft account and we’ll give you notifications and alerts to solve problems or prevent them before they happen.
  • Designed for mobile – The new site is designed to work and look great on your phone or tablet so you can get help easily from your preferred device. And of course, it looks great from a web browser too.
  • New Contact Us – We’ve made it quick and easy to solve problems on your own, but we know that sometimes you just need to connect with a person. Contact options are conveniently located in every article and offer new tools to connect you to the best options for your specific question.
  • It’s fast – If you’re a gamer, you probably get enough of lag and loading screens. You might not be able to see it, but we rebuilt from the ground up to help every page load faster.

This isn’t the only set of updates coming to Microsoft’s Xbox Support site. The company has announced that there are many improvements to the website planned in the future.

“Our goal is to solve your problems, save you time, and get you back to playing games,” Xbox announced. “Not only does the new site make finding help easier and more intuitive, it provides notifications based on what’s happening with Xbox and your account so the information you need is front and center.”

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