Xbox Store Summer Spotlight is now live until September



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Today, Microsoft begins the Xbox Store Summer Spotlight, which introduces 30 new Indie games over the next 6 weeks, specifically until September 4. The promotion starts today with Epic Games’ third-person action title Fortnite. Some of the titles will include Tacoma, RPG title Path of Exile, Megaman Legacy Collection 2, and multiplayer shooter Dead Alliance from the ID@Xbox program.

The new Sonic Mania (which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Sonic franchise), Aven Colony, Conan Exiles, The Escapists 2, and Super CloudBuilt will be part of the promotion, which you may recognize as the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. Even though the event has been rebranded, it still features the same perks as before.

The event runs from July 25th until September 4th, and will feature approximately 5 new titles per week over the following weeks. We don’t know when long-awaited games like Path of Exile and Conan Exiles are coming out but we’ll keep you posted.

We will update this article with more titles and release dates as they become available.

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