Xbox shows off more Battlefield 2042


13, 2021

After being revealed just before E3 2021, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase has given us another taste of Battlefield 2042

In a taste of the 128 player gameplay, we caught a glimpse of some of the mechanics which should make Battlefield 2042 distinct from the series to play. 

The details we’ve seen in a Reddit leak make another appearance, with weapon customisation on the fly, and specialised gadgets such as a wingsuit and grappling hook both being seen throughout this gameplay trailer. 

The map seen throughout the trailer is set in a desert metropolis and it’s simply absolutely massive with a huge amount of verticality from the cities skyscrapers. 

To get around this huge map, the trailer featured plenty of vehicles, which can even be dropped in via balloon, so hopefully, you’ll be able to actually get a turn in one when playing. 

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As we’ve seen from the reveal of Battlefield 2042, the game will release on October 22nd 2021.

There’s still no confirmation whether Battlefield 2042 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, or whether it’ll just be released on these consoles. With only a 10-hour trial being offered through EA Play, it’s likely Xbox won’t be getting a better deal.

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