Microsoft will be issuing a fix to one of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S’ key features: Quick Resume. 

While the feature was very functional during the preview period for Microsoft’s next-gen systems, which heavily influenced our review of the Xbox Series S, Quick Resume saw multiple games taken out of its use upon launch when various issues were discovered.

Players who are part of Xbox’s revamped Xbox Insider program will be able to experience the more cooperative Quick Resume feature the soonest. Arriving in the new Alpha Skip-Ahead (2102.201207-0000) update, players will be able to experience the newest form of the software very soon.

While Xbox’s method of suspending multiple games at once is an extremely novel concept at the time of release, its finicky nature and incompatibility with certain games has led us to become eventually disappointed with the service. In our fortnightly gaming podcast, we discussed the feature’s lack of compatibility with seemingly random titles a massive hassle.

We also discussed its issues in our review of Microsoft’s £450 next-gen Xbox Series X in which we docked points for unstable and incomplete features that fail to impress through actual real-life use.

Here’s what we had to say:

“Another fantastic feature on Xbox Series X is Quick Resume, when it works,” reads our in-depth review. “During the pre-release period for our Xbox Series S review, Quick Resume was a nearly perfect feature. Most games available to play supported it and, despite the lack of a clear indicator for which games were in Quick Resume, it was a feature that you couldn’t stop using once you’ve felt its benefits.”

“Some games that don’t use it are bizarre: why does Yakuza: Like A Dragon support the feature but the 2017 Dead Rising remaster doesn’t? It’s a feature that feels amazing when it works, allowing you to switch between a handful of titles in seconds, but when so many titles don’t support the feature it feels like playing Russian roulette with your save data.”