Take a look at the Xbox Series X SoC


6, 2020

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has changed his profile picture on Twitter to what appears to be the processor that powers the Xbox Series X.

The processor is a custom SoC that Microsoft built in partnership with AMD. You can cast your gaze upon it below.

You can also follow Phil on Twitter by following the link here in order to keep up with Xbox news.

If you’re a little out the loop on what the Xbox Series X is, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. The Xbox Series X is the official name of what used to be the Xbox Scarlett.

Announced during The Game Awards in December 2019, the console is set to be Microsoft’s most advanced console to date, rivalling the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Perhaps a little confusingly, the Xbox Series X’s real name is actually just “Xbox.” The “Series X” denotes the type of new Xbox that it is – like how the Xbox One X is different to the Xbox One S.

Xbox Series X is a name designed for derivative iterations, although the second release in this new console lineup doesn’t appear to be a more powerful take on Microsoft’s upcoming machine.

The Xbox Series X is likely to be succeeded by the Xbox Series S, a lower-powered, cheaper variant in-development as Xbox Lockhart.

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