Microsoft has released a new Xbox Series X|S walkthrough video to guide players through the user interface of their next-gen console, similar to what PlayStation recently did with their PlayStation 5 UI video. 

The 14-minute tutorial/discission video aims to teach players the basics of navigating the New Xbox Experience, Microsoft’s revamped user interface for the entire Xbox family of consoles, albeit one with certain features only for next-gen systems.

Xbox’s walkthrough video shows off the fantastic next-gen feature of Quick Resume, a function that lets players store game states in an SSD cache and quickly switch between titles in a matter of seconds. There’s also sections on backward compatibility, Xbox Game Pass, the new Xbox app on more.

Check out the Xbox Series X|S walkthrough video below:

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For more Xbox news, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that the gaming company isn’t done acquiring new studios. The Xbox boss also expressed his opinion that the brand is sorely lacking in first party games that target a younger audience.