Microsoft’s continued efforts to increase accessibility in gaming has led to an awesome addition to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.  

On the back of both of the upcoming next-gen consoles, Microsoft has included tactile indicators that will help players know where each port is when running their hands along the back of the console.

Microsoft’s inclusive lead Bryce Johnson took to Twitter the other day to explain the inclusion of the Xbox Series X and S consoles’ tactile indicators that line the top of every port on the hardware.

The tactile indicators are designed first and foremost for visually impaired gamers that find it difficult to differentiate the similar looking and feeling ports from each other. These tiny dots – while “not a complete solution” will help players to find the correct ports easier.

This isn’t the first time that an Xbox console has introduced tactile features into their chassis design. The now discontinued Xbox One X featured a small plastic by bump above the HDMI Out port so that players wouldn’t accidentally plug their cable into the wrong port