Xbox Series X and S have both sold out in Japanese preorders


25, 2020

Microsoft may actually have a good start in Japan this generation as both the Xbox Series X and S have sold out in their preorder stages. 

The next-gen consoles were all stocked in major retailers in the country as well as Amazon Japan and the Japanese Microsoft Store. All of these stores have since sold out of their stock with the higher-spec Series X selling out first and Series S following suit shortly after.

One Xbox fan, on Twitter (via VGC) said that it was harder to get hold of an Xbox Series X than it was to get a PlayStation 5, likely due to a much lower stock considering the brand’s poor performance in Japan since 2001.

“I had a harder time preordering an Xbox Series X on Amazon Japan than I did pre-ordering a PS5. But the deed is done. Will be playing Series X half a day before most Western countries,” said Twitter user Alex Aniel.

This news comes following Xbox’s appearance at Japan’s annual Tokyo Game Show where Microsoft sliced the price of the budget-focused Xbox Series S and revealed that the region had become their “fastest growing” region for all of Xbox.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said in the past that the Xbox brand’s reputation in Japan isn’t acceptable. With the increased focus on Japanese games coming to the service – like Yakuza, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy – the brand may be slowly becoming more accepted by Japanese consumers.

Whatever the case, this is certainly better than the Japanese launch of the Xbox One, an event that was sadder than the ending of A Star Is Born. Check out pictures from Inside below:

Xbox One Japanese launch 2013
Oh, look at it. Just look at it. Look at it! It’s so sad!
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