With Phil Spencer teasing the upcoming Xbox Series X reveal event as the first real showcase of next-gen gaming, fans shouldn’t go in expecting a huge, bombastic event.

Instead of being the huge E3-style event that fans always crave, Microsoft’s first event of the year has been likened to an “appetizer” before the company’s traditional E3-esque showing later in the year.

Industry insider Shinobi602 described the first upcoming Xbox event to be a “nice appetizer” before the rest of the next-gen showings after the first proper Xbox Series X reveal event. Think of it as an opening act before the true show, only the true show is likely a month or so after.

The industry insider also added that fans shouldn’t “be disheartened, it’ll still be fun.”

We’re hoping to see at least some true next-gen games for the initial Xbox One X games reveal. While Halo: Infinite will surely impress as a cross-generation title, the reveal of a proper next-gen title built from-the-ground-up for Xbox Series X would be swell.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer has likened the next-generation of games consoles to be a huge technological leap, offering a jump in quality as drastic as the initial jump from 2D gaming to 3D gaming. Absolute madlad.

Source: PureXbox