Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that the much-speculated Xbox Series X price will “stay agile” amidst the wavering economy as a result of the Coronavirus.

Speaking to IGN on their Xbox Unlocked podcast, Spencer revealed that the system’s release price will have to respect the “economic realities” of the current economic climate.

“I do think that there is a lot of uncertainty,” Spencer told the podcast. “I do think gaming is a luxury, and we should all just understand that.”

Spencer continued to describe that the release details of the next-gen console, including the Xbox Series X price, are a “day-by-day exercise” for the company.

As unemployment levels rise and families have to decide between luxury entertainment and food, Spencer declared that the next-gen console will attempt to “stay agile” with the expectations of gamers amidst these horrible times.

Phil Spencer has gone on to say that “nothing” is currently hindering the development and release of the Xbox Series X. While the console might not launch alongside big games due to delays, Xbox will not delay the release of their new hardware.