Microsoft has registered a trademark for Xbox Series, leading to the (rightful) thought that the lower-powered Xbox Series S, aka Xbox Lockhart, will be revealed soon.

Reported by Generation Xbox, the Xbox Series trademark was spotted as being filed on June 12th, despite the company already holding a separate Series X and Xbox Series X trademark that was filed earlier in the year.

While trademarks don’t always mean that a new product will be announced, the evidence behind Xbox Lockhart is so solid that the hardware has to have existed at some point.

Just last week, it was revealed that references to the Xbox Lockhart system are held within the Windows 10 Operating System files.

Despite this, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has claimed that Series X is just one console with Lockhart out of the equation. However, with prices, reports and more detailing the internals of the Lockhart console, we expect to hear more about it soon.