Microsoft’s barely-kept secret Project Lockhart has been leaked through official controller packaging that names the cheaper console as Xbox Series S. 

Discovered by Twitter user Zakk_exe, the next-gen controller lists all compatible platforms that it can be used on: Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android and iOS.

The Twitter user was able to connect the controller to an Xbox One console. This is no surprise considering Microsoft’s push to make the upgraded controller a cross-generation upgrade for all Xbox gamers.

Zak posted numerous images of the Xbox Series S/Xbox Series X controller, including one of the controller side by side with the current Xbox One pad. Both controllers are very similar in design, but the next-gen pad is certainly more refined.

The Twitter user also revealed that the “size and feel of the controller is amazing!!”

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console is one of the worst kept next-gen announcements ever. Despite stating that Series X is just one console, the tentatively titled Lockhart console has been leaked through internal developer documents and even Windows 10 itself.