The Xbox Series leaks that forced Microsoft to release information before they had intended are claimed to be stolen from inside the company. 

The news comes from Xbox’s Senior Director of Xbox Platform Marketing Cindy Walker who explained her disappointment with the Xbox Series leaks on Thursday. While Walker praised her team for reacting to the leaked price, release date and more, she condemned those that stole information from Microsoft.

“Llet me say this: when we refer to the ‘leaks’ this week what we’re really referring to THEFT,” Walker wrote on Twitter. “A “leak” indicates someone on the inside gave an outsider information. Which also sucks, but that is NOT what happened here.”

“Dozens of people poured HUNDREDS of hours into the messages, assets, storytelling, partnerships and plan for this beat. All done in a volatile gaming environment where we can’t even work f2f. It was and is exhausting. We do it because we love it, and we love our fans.”

“Then this work – OUR work, our time, our hearts – was STOLEN. Imagine working on an intricate painting with a team of people only to have it taken, chopped into pieces and presented for someone else’s gain? It’s simply not cool.”

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The Xbox Series leaks were a huge blow to Microsoft’s plans, but Cindy explained that she doesn’t blame fans and press for circulating the information once the initial leaks started last week.

“I appreciate that everyone loves an inside scoop and I don’t begrudge our press or fans engaging here. I’d only ask that the next time you see a ‘leak’ you spend a moment to appreciate that that work, news and/or product is someone’s art, time, heart – and treat it that way,” Walker concluded.

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In a leaked marketing video that was set to unveil the Xbox Series S, Xbox boss Phil Spencer already explained that the budget Xbox console was the company’s worst kept secret. Unfortunately for Xbox, that wasn’t the last secret to spill. At least, for Microsoft, there doesn’t appear to be any more Xbox Series leaks that need to come forth.