Xbox Series Japan preorders are the “first steps” says Phil Spencer



Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that the successful Xbox Series Japan preorder event are the company’s first steps towards establishing the brand in the country. 

The next-gen console family not only sold more than a few units in Japan, but actually managed to sell out both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the country.

Following the opening of Xbox Series Japan preorders, Xbox boss Phil Spencer expressed the brand’s warm welcome by Japanese audiences in a Famitsu interview. (Translated by VGC.)

“It humbles me to consider how well the Xbox Series X/S has been welcomed by Japanese fans,” said the Xbox boss. “With the goals we’re working towards for the Xbox Series X/S, this is only the first step in a much longer marathon, but I’m very happy to know how much everyone is expecting from us, and it motivates us even more when pre orders sell out.”

Spencer explained that the next-gen console launch will see more consoles coming to the country in order to meet demand.

Spencer explained: “We absolutely plan to ship even more consoles in the future. However, before and after launch, demand generally exceeds supply.

“Moving forward, we would like to be able to meet demand within a few months after launch, particularly in the Japanese market, where we are thinking of future development based on a long-term outlook.”

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The Xbox Series Japan preorders started with a price cut for the budget-focused Xbox Series S for Xbox’s appearance at the Tokyo Game Show. With Japan revealed to be the fastest growing region for the brand, likely due to Xbox’s poor performance in the region for the past nineteen years, Xbox appears to be starting the generation well.

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