Microsoft has promised that E3 2019 will be a huge event, but will we see the reveal of Xbox Scarlet?

Spotted by Twitter user CBK, Xbox’s E3 countdown reel hides a clever hint towards the next generation console.

Within numerous frames of the countdown, we see references to RGB values. One frame shows “R255”, another shows B0, the final one shows G36. When put together, these values create the colour name scarlet.

With PlayStation 5 information all out in the wild, Xbox does have to respond with their own next-gen offering soon. Allegedly, Xbox’s console is set to be more powerful than PlayStation’s offering, but that’s only a rumour. With the console aiming higher than Google Stadia’s 10.7 teraflop hardware, it should be an incredible piece of tech.

According to reports, Xbox is planning to release two SKUs early on in the next generation: Anaconda and Lockhart. Both of these will be made with Xbox Scarlet’s next-gen architecture in mind. Most likely, they’ll both be powered by Ryzen.

As for whether or not we’ll see the new tech at E3, it seems likely. After C.B.K’s discovery, the official Xbox account seemingly rewarded the eagle-eyed Tweeter with a month of Xbox Game Pass.

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