Xbox reigns supreme in gaming support showdown

September 30, 2017

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Every year Laptop Mag out of all publications has a long-running Tech Support Showdown feature. Well, their partner website, Tom’s Guide, went about comparing consoles in the same way. If you didn’t know by now, Microsoft won this easily. According to the outlet, Xbox excels overall by delivering great phone, social media and website support. Xbox’s overall score was a 90 because it was bolstered by their online solutions team. Their phone support scored less but the fact that their online chat and website are so great made up for any discrepancy.

Nintendo came in at second place because their phone support was exemplary but their online solutions were far below Microsoft’s. Lastly, Sony is at the bottom because their online solutions are also not as great as Microsoft’s. Nowadays many consumers look to the internet to find a fix instead of spending time talking to someone in a call center. It’s faster and more convenient. Xbox Support utterly dominates in terms of online presence so the results aren’t really surprising. However, it’s still good to get an affirmation now and then that you’re doing good. So good job Microsoft!

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