Xbox’s Pride merch line for 2020 has been leaked, with what appears to be one new hoodie and two new t-shirts on the way for all gamers and gaymers who want to show off their pride.

The leak comes courtesy of Twitter user @h0x0d, who posted a Tweet showing off the three new items of apparel. All three sport the traditional Xbox logo that’s been overlaid with multiple LGBT+ pride flags. You can view the leaked images below.

Xbox has yet to officially announce its Pride 2020 line, but we’ll be sure to update with prices when they do. In the meantime, you can shop Microsoft’s entire previously-announced Pride collection by following the link here. Happy gaming, and remember – when everybody plays, we all win.

If you’re in the market for other Xbox gear, Xbox Gear dropped its Curvilinear Collection the other week. Featuring a “fresh take on a classic icon,” the Curvilinear Collection perfectly emulates the current popular colourblock trend with a trendy spin for gamers everywhere.